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Whether you are looking for an engagement ring for your loved one, or you want some quality but affordable jewelry, you may want to consider asscher cut diamonds. With asscher cut diamonds, you get high quality and fine-looking rings and jewelry that are free of blemishes. Asscher cut diamonds come in two different types; the Standard Asscher Cut and the Royal Asscher Cut. It is worth noting that asscher cut diamonds are not more expensive than other diamonds as many have been made to believe.

Why Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Fairly Priced

Low Price Per Carat

With a relatively low price per carat, most jewelers can design more asscher cut diamonds from rough diamond stone. This makes the diamond cuts attract an equally lower price. At Shiva’s Gold and Gems, we offer you the finest diamonds, including asscher cut diamonds, and jewelry for any occasion.  We can tailor your asscher cut diamond ring to look as stunning as you would like, for that special person.

No Wastage During Shaping

When shaping the asscher cut diamonds, the largest portion of the diamond stone is retained. This makes it possible for vendors to sell the diamond at an affordable price. However, the price may vary depending on quality, color and clarity, making some asscher cut diamonds more expensive. In addition, any attempts to hide blemishes may call for the selection of high-quality diamonds, which may in turn increase the price of asscher cut diamonds.

What Makes Asscher Cut Diamonds Unique?

Asscher cut diamonds often appear more beautiful, especially when done in an open setting. It is this setting that allows light to pass through, giving the diamond a brilliant look. In addition, this diamond cut is presented in an octagonal shape, which makes it look even more outstanding. The layered straight-edged facets, a deep pavilion and high crown, all add to the beauty of the asscher cut diamonds.

Tips For Buying Asscher Cut Diamonds

For an amazing engagement ring within your budget, the H color asscher cut diamond may be a perfect choice. If you are looking for a ring that appears larger and still looks brilliant, you may consider a shallower asscher cut diamond.  

Where To Purchase Asscher Cut Diamonds

At Shiva’s Gold and Gems, we are committed to making that proposal a memorable moment for your significant other. We also got your jewelry needs covered, whether you are looking to purchase an asscher cut diamond in the Caribbean, or around the world. Contact us today to book an appointment with us, or to place your order for your next asscher cut diamond.