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It is no secret that watchmakers have adopted decreased diameters in recent years, trading in hefty wearing timepieces for slimmed down statement pieces. In fact, just a few weeks ago we shared with you that Oris had released a 41.5mm Aquis Date, the “shrunken” version of their prior 43.5mm model.
CFB’s Manero Flyback Chronograph, first introduced in 2016 with a diameter of 43mm now has a more compact diameter of just 40mm. Like their larger predecessors, the new chronographs are characterized by a classic elegance, however, they have a distinctive flair of color that sets them apart.
Each of the five new Manero Flyback watches seem to ask, “What color inspires you?” To help answer that question, Carl F. Bucherer partnered with nature photographer Hannes Becker, who created striking landscapes that represent each of the five colors in the brand’s new 40mm collection.

GREEN – 00.10927.08.13.02

The Manero Flyback in green reflects the explosion of green you might experience as you hike through the rolling hills of the countryside in spring. Its white dial has a sunray-brushed surface with boldly contrasting green subdials. It is presented on a sustainable textile strap whose color perfectly matches that of the subdials.

RED – 00.10927.08.13.04

The Manero Flyback in red recalls the stunning hues of the burning desert sands beneath your hiking boots as you walk toward a seductive crimson sunset at the end of a perfect day. Its dark red subdials against the striking sunray-brushed white dial match the timepiece’s sustainable red textile strap.

BLUE – 00.10927.08.13.03

The Manero Flyback in blue suggests an expansive blue sky overhead as you recharge next to a peaceful lake in a mountain valley. Its blue subdials against the sunray-brushed white dial are complemented by  the watch’s sustainable blue textile strap.

WHITE – 00.10927.08.13.01

The Manero Flyback in white has a white sunray-brushed dial, white subdials, and a sustainable white textile strap. Gold-plated wedge indexes and hands add a touch of luxury and distinction.

BLACK – 00.10927.08.33.01

The Manero Flyback in black has a black dial, black subdials, and a sustainable whiblacke textile strap and it is also distinguishaed by its gold-plated wedge indexes and hands.