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Are you down to the big question with a stunning ring? You might be wondering about the difference between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Surprisingly, these are two different types of rings that can be worn every day as a symbol of your everlasting love. There is always a big misconception among many of us, as we use both wedding and engagement rings interchangeably to mean the same thing. Let us set the things straight and bring out the difference between these terms.

What is an engagement ring?
After a successful proposal, traditionally, a woman wears an engagement ring. An engagement ring represents a promise that a couple will get married before reading the actual vows. There are different types of engagements ring in terms of styles and the options available to choose from. Whatever is your preference, you can craft an engagement ring to suit your style.

What is a wedding ring?
During a wedding ceremony, the just married couples exchange the wedding rings. Unlike the flashy elaborate styles of an engagement ring, wedding rings are commonly straightforward and understated. The main disparity here it’s that both the man and woman wear the wedding ring.

What are the differences between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Engagement rings

  • Worn after an engagement leading to the wedding and after the marriage.
  • Worn traditionally by women.
  • Flashy and extravagant with an embellished stone at the center.
  • Can be worn alone or in conjunction with a wedding ring.

Wedding rings

  • Exchanged in a wedding ceremony.
  • Worn by both bride and groom.
  • Most are very simple, but it depends on your style.
  • Can be worn with the engagement ring or alone.

A wedding ring or an engagement ring?
There are no specific rules on the engagement or wedding rings, but there are always recommendations that can give you insights in making an informed decision. At the end of it comes down to your preferences and choices. You deserve to have a ring that reflects your love journey.