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Aruba is known for its pristine natural beaches, year-round sunshine, world-class resorts and hotels, rich history, exotic foods, and hospitality. The island is not only a tropical paradise where the fun never ends but is also a world-class shopping destination. In addition to stunning beaches and dazzling nightlife, Aruba is also famous as a shopping destination, especially for the wide variety of unique, high-quality jewelry and gems. Jewelry in Aruba is always reasonably priced and even cheaper because it is duty-free.

What Does Duty-Free Jewelry Mean?

A duty is a type of tax or customs fee that local governments impose on certain imported or exported goods. Duty taxes protect the country’s economy and interests by ensuring that locally manufactured goods are cheaper than imported merchandise.

Duty-free shopping permits a person to buy merchandise in another country without paying this added customs fee on the purchase. Purchasing duty-free jewelry in Aruba enables you to realize substantial savings over other places where you would have to pay both sales tax and a duty tax.

Reasons to Purchase Duty-Free Jewelry in Aruba

Aruba is not only well-known for its idyllic climate, but it also has a reputation as a world-class destination for purchasing unique pieces of jewelry at reasonable prices. Tourists enjoy shopping for jewelry in Aruba for several reasons.

  • Unique Pieces and Gems — Aruba is known for producing fine jewelry, with many unique gems and styles suitable for any taste. Many of these pieces are unlike anything else found in the world, giving you the opportunity to own the jewelry of your dreams.
  • Save Money — Aruba has a long history of being a bargain shopping destination, and jewelry prices are incredibly reasonable. In addition to discounted pricing, duty-free jewelry in Aruba is cheaper because it does not include added taxes or tariffs.
  • Exceptional Quality — The quality of the designer jewelry found in Aruba is second to none, with gems and designs found in no other place in the world. When you purchase jewelry in Aruba, you get the highest quality jewelry available at substantial savings.

Contact Shiva’s Gold and Gems

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Most importantly, we allow our customers to take home our jewelers, have it appraised to see if it lives up to their quality expectations, and then pay us only after they are completely satisfied. 

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