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St Maarten, the dual nation, is renowned for numerous things: expansive beaches, plenty of sun, aquamarine waters, crystal clear, and great seafood. It is a common destination because of the sandy shores and the great jewelry prices. Jewelry in St Maarten is cheap because it is duty-free.

What Does Duty-Free Jewelry Mean?

Most people assume a duty-free product is tax-free because the two terms affect the value of a product. Typically, duty-free is a term used when referring to the customs fee that a country is likely to impose on imported or exported goods? The local government usually places custom duties on imported goods. Eventually, goods that are manufactured at home are cheaper than the imported ones.

Tax-free rules enable one to purchase products without paying added costs such as sales tax. Moreover, when purchasing a piece of duty-free jewelry, you will enjoy both tax-free and duty-free benefits. Ultimately you will save a substantial amount compared to the money you would have spent to purchase the jewelry in another country.

Advantages of Purchasing Duty-Free Jewelry in St Maarten

The following are reasons why you should not hesitate to purchase duty-free jewelry in St Maarten;

  • You will save a good amount of money: as mentioned earlier, duty-free jewelry does not include added taxes. Consequently, it is cheaper
  • It offers you a chance to purchase jewelry you have been yearning for a lifetime. At times, you may have been drawn to certain jewelry, but its price is just too high. In this case, you have a chance to make your dream come true
  • There are varieties in St Maarten: their numerous types of jewelry suitable for different styles and taste
  • Quality jewelry: the designer jewelry found in St Maarten stands out from typical ones in other places in the world. Subsequently, the cheap price doesn’t just make the experience better, but also you get the best quality.

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