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Looking for something to add to your look while on vacation? Want to find a piece that you can wear even after your trip? Shiva’s has you covered with a wide range of brilliant earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

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We’ve been in the carribean since 1972 and in the jewelry business for 3 generations. Our impeccable customer service and ever-expanding collection has allowed us to continue to provide the best in fine jewelry in Aruba & St. Maarten.

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Expert Fine Jewelry Buying Advice

Gain expert insight into purchasing the perfect jewelry piece by reading a few of our latest blog posts.
Piaget’s Two Striking Polo Timepieces in Green

Piaget’s Two Striking Polo Timepieces in Green

Green is the new shade of bold! Just a few months ago, Piaget introduced two limited editions to its Polo collection - now both a part of its novelty collection. The luxury sports watch family welcomes a three-hand execution in pink gold, the Piaget Polo Date, and...

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Rainbow Sapphires In Every Hue!

Rainbow Sapphires In Every Hue!

The silken transition of cool to warm hues encapsulates the best of all seasons, making Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry your go-to choice all year round. Sapphires of colors other than the signature deep blue shade are called ‘Fancy Sapphires.’ They get their lovely hues...

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