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As FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fever takes hold, Hublot announces a dedicated campaign with 15 Football icons and 15 one-of-a-kind football designs created by fashion designer Mira Mikati.

To illustrate the campaign, Hublot’s love of football, and our commitment to beauty in diversity, Hublot invited Lebanese fashion designer Mira Mikati to design a special, happy, colorful “Hublot Loves Football” campaign logo that brims with optimism. Her hand-drawn and painted design captures a youthful, hopeful enthusiasm and communicates a spirit of unity,

In addition, Hublot brought Mira together with 15 Hublot Ambassadors and Friends of the Brand to create 15 unique designs to represent the football of their dreams. Each is a one-off, a piece of art created to capture the themes of hope and universal respect, as well as the individual personalities of the football stars and their shared passion for football. Some are hand-drawn and painted, others crocheted, representing the human element in football. Football is the people’s sport.


“Play is at the heart of all my designs. When I’m not playing with color, I’m playing with words. Just as football sparks joy on the pitch, I want my work to be a constant supply of happiness.
Dreams really can come true. Meeting Hublot’s ambassadors and discussing their dreams, passions and how far these drivers can take you was very special. By interpreting every player’s dream, with Hublot we want to inspire other to dream just as big. Whether it’s playing for your country or designing your own collection, we want to inspire the next generation to believe they can achieve anything.” – MIRA MIKATI FASHION DESIGNER

The football she designed for Hublot embodies the motto “Hublot Loves Football”. Hublot, Mira Mikati and 15 of Hublot’s Ambassadors and Friends of the Brand collaborated on 15 unique, one- of-a-kind football designs. Mira met with each star and explored their passions and personalities to help her craft the final designs. Here is hers with icon, Kylian Mbappé:

Mira described the challenge of designing a ball for talismanic French international striker Kylian Mbappé as one of the most exciting of her career. She wanted to capture the concepts of “dream” and “dedication” to illustrate how he has devoted himself to realizing his wildest ambitions. The colors reflect his story. Pink, his favorite, for his first dream football boots. Orange for Inspired by KM, his children’s foundation. And blue for France and the beauty of the sky.

Hublot will serve as the tournament’s Official Timekeeper, timing all 64 matches, right through to the final in Doha’s Lusail Stadium on December 18th. With more than 1 billion viewers, the FIFA World Cup tournament is the world’s most watched sports event.

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