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At Shiva’s, we pride ourselves on our vast collection of diamonds, precious stones, fine timepieces, and award-winning designer jewelry. As a member of the “Leading Jewelers of the World,” we find it paramount to delve deep into the intricacies of our precious gemstones. Today, let’s unveil the anatomy of a diamond.

A Storied History of Diamonds

Since ancient times, diamonds have captivated the imagination. With roots as the hardest known natural material and the capacity to brilliantly refract light, it’s no wonder they have such a profound history. The art and science of diamond cutting and shaping evolved over millennia, but the result has always been to increase its allure and beauty.

Delving into the Basic Components

Understanding a diamond is akin to understanding a masterpiece. Each section contributes to its overall splendor.


  • Table: This flat surface on top represents the face of the diamond.
  • Crown: Elevating above the girdle, this is the diamond’s upper segment.
  • Girdle: A defining band that separates the top from the bottom.
  • Pavilion: The foundational depth beneath the girdle.
  • Culet: The finishing touch at the diamond’s base.
  • Depth: A measurement of the diamond’s entire height.


These components are meticulously inspected and crafted in every diamond you find at Shiva’s.

The Magic of Facets

Facets are like the brush strokes on a canvas:


  • Star facets bring out the inner brilliance.
  • Bezel facets accentuate the crown’s architecture.
  • Upper and lower girdle facets play with light, creating dazzling effects.
  • Our collection, with its vast range of diamonds and precious stones, showcases the pinnacle of facet perfection.

Why Proportions Matter

Proper proportions ensure:


  • A balanced interplay between brilliance and fire.
  • A diamond’s unmatched allure and appeal.
  • Value for your investment.


The Symmetry and Its Play with Light

Symmetry in diamonds isn’t just about balance; it’s about how seamlessly each part of the diamond interacts with light. At Shiva’s Gold and Gems, symmetry is an art form, ensuring every diamond sparkles with perfection.

Polish: The Final Flourish

A well-polished diamond is akin to a well-tailored suit. It complements, elevates, and brings out the best in the diamond’s characteristics.

Diamond Shapes: Celebrating Diversity

From the classic Round to the contemporary Cushion, every shape has its unique anatomy and appeal. At our stores in Aruba and St. Maarten, you’ll find an array of these beautifully crafted shapes, each telling its own story.

Diamond Anatomy and the Legendary 4Cs

The anatomy of a diamond intricately ties to its Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. This connection is vital in grading and evaluating diamonds, ensuring that every piece at Shiva’s Gold and Gems meets the most stringent standards.

Making the Right Choice with Shiva’s Gold and Gems

With our rich history, reputation, and diverse collection of diamonds, we empower our customers to make informed choices. Our customer reviews and testimonials underscore our commitment to excellence and satisfaction.


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