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In a genuine high horology market, one of the timepieces that has stamped an indelible mark of quality and luxury are the International Watch Co (IWC) watches. The legendary Swiss watchmaker has stood the test of time and constantly redefined luxury concepts to watch collectors who are ready to purchase these watch collections at the forgone price tags. The IWC watch collections prices range from $4,000 to $150,000. The prices will make you wonder and ask why the IWC watches are so expensive. Shiva’s Gold and Gems provides insights into some of the many factors that explain why IWC watches are so expensive.

Limited Edition Watches

The IWC watches are limited in number in the market, driving up their value and retail prices, making them expensive. IWC integrates limited unique features that can only be found on these watch brands. The limited edition characteristic has also made the few IWC watch owners demand higher prices before releasing them from their collections.

High Levels of Technical Innovations

The luxury watch company is unrivaled when it comes to the levels of technical innovations employed when making the watches. The watch designs are simple and boast sophisticated features that have been tried and tested over time to perfect their functionality. In the last 150 years, International Watch Company has invested in technical innovations and cutting-edge technologies that have made the watches have a luxurious appeal, fetching higher prices in the market.

Quality and High-Skilled Craftsmanship

The quality of these ageless timepieces is unmatched. The level of craftsmanship employed when hand-assembling the watches is highly skilled, ensuring that every detail is included in its exact refinement. The high-quality watches are also made of precious metals and materials such as gold, titanium, and ceramic titanium, which pushes the retail prices higher.

Manufacturing Process

Unlike other watchmakers in the market who utilize machines to reach their high production targets, the Swiss watchmaker has a unique manufacturing identity of hand-assembling their watches. Hand-assembling minimizes any fault that might be overlooked by machines ensuring perfection and precision of the luxury watches. Hand-assembling watch parts also take longer labor hours to complete a single watch, which is reflected in the high watch prices.

Durable, Reliable, and Hold their Value with Time

The timeless pieces have been built to withstand different conditions in different fields of operations, increasing their reliability. IWC watches are also water resistant and maintain unparalleled accuracy even in a strong magnetic field area making the watches popular with divers, pilots, scientists and engineers. The durable watches are also associated with increasing their value with time and may only depreciate by a small margin after several years, a desirable feature that drives their prices higher. And if your IWC doesn’t outlast the test of time like promised, this brand also offers an incredible 8 year warranty on all their watch models – proving their confidence in their incredible timepieces.

Buy With Us

The high price tags on IWC watches now make a lot of sense given the amount of time, innovation, and work put toward making the watches. Whether you are buying or repairing your IWC watches and other luxury brands, you can always count on Shiva’s Gold and Gems to deliver authentic  IWC watches and parts. Contact us today to get any information you need to access IWC watches and original parts to add to your watch collection.